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Garden Jobs For The Month

Garden Jobs For The Month

For every month of the year, Thompsons Plant & Garden Centre will be offering you our expert advice on all things gardening.

We aim to use our everyday knowledge of gardening to help you on your way to creating, maintaining or improving your garden. We'll use tips from our expert nursery growers on all things planting, flowering and growing as well as general gardening tips from our garden centre staff.

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Plants to recommend this month include:

Corylus avellana 'Contorta'
Garrya eliptica 'James Roof'
Helleborus niger
Ilex aquifolium varieties
Viburnum tinus varieties

General Gardening Tips

•Remove any snow from evergreen trees and shrubs.
•Store seed potatoes in a dark place.
•Clean your gardening tools ready for the season.
•Weed your borders and containers. Don't let them build up over winter.
•Don't forget to feed the birds, they rely on our help during cold weather.

Lawn Care

Keep an eye on your lawn, and keep off of it in frosty weather. If the weather turns milder your lawn is likely to grow quickly. If the ground isn't frozen or wet, give it a cut, no mater how early in the year. If puddles stay on the lawn, spike with a garden fork to aid drainage.

What's New at Thompsons?

•Our seed potato range will be on sale from the 1st week in January.
•Summer flowering bulbs are now in stock - Choose from close to 200 varieties.