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Garden Jobs For The Month

For every month of the year, Thompsons Plant & Garden Centre will be offering you our expert advice on all things gardening.

We aim to use our everyday knowledge of gardening to help you on your way to creating, maintaining or improving your garden. We'll use tips from our expert nursery growers on all things planting, flowering and growing as well as general gardening tips from our garden centre staff.

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As we get into the summer months of July & August, most of the hard gardening work has been done, and we get the chance to relax in our gardens for a change.

The main concern during warm weather is watering our gardens. Make sure you don't loose any of your beloved plants, particularly your hanging baskets, pots and containers that dry up extremely quickly. We would always recommend watering in the evening, once the sun is on its way down, as the soil gets a better chance to absorb the water. We would also recommend giving your garden a good water every couple of warm, dry days, rather than little an often. For the environmentally friendly gardeners amongst us, make the most of your water butts when watering your garden.

Plants to recommend this month include:

  • Hypericum Hidcote
  • Lavatera
  • Hydrangea
  • Penstemon
  • Coreopsis Sunray
  • Gazanias

General Gardening Tips

•Keep your baskets and containers watered
•Finish planting your summer bedding in borders, containers and baskets
•Remove faded flowers of perennials to encourage repeat flowering.
•Spray your roses to prevent mildew and blackspot
•Mow your lawns once a week, raising the cutting height during dry spells
•Spruce up your lawn by giving it a summer feed, we recommend Evergreen Complete.

What's New at Thompsons?

We have a large range of summer bedding available now with plants such as Gazania, Petunia Explorer, Cosmos, Bacopa and Zinnia. Great ideas for those finishing touches to your garden.