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How To Achieve Your Goal?

You now know what type of garden you've got, and have an idea of how you want it to look. The next step is to purchase some plants to go in it.

To the novice gardener, garden centres with rows and rows of plants can be quite daunting. Make sure you use your knowledge of your garden to select your plants. At Thomspons, all of our plants have labels on them with useful details, so make sure you look at them before making your purchase. Take into account how big the plant will be once fully grown, as well as if it likes a sunny spot of shaded area.

We've put together some top 5 plants for various different conditions as well as some easy to grow plants that could prove a useful starting point to the novice gardener.

At Thompsons Garden Centres we sell plants in different categories such as shrubs, perennials, alpines and climbers. You might be asking yourself the question where do I start, there's so much choice? To help you get a better understanding of these categories and terms you might come across, we've written a basic terminology guide covering questions like what is a shrub, and what is a hardy plant? You can access these terms by clicking here.

Once you purchased your plants you might need a few pointers in planting them, as this again is a important part. You need to make sure you give you plants the best possible start to life in your garden so follow our planting and pruning guides by clicking on the links below.

If you have any other questions or need advice in any way, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. At Thompsons we've been growing and selling plants for over 20 years, we've got lots of members of staff with expert knowledge of plants and your garden. Come into a branch of Thompsons or email us a question we're always on hand to help you out.

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What Type Of Garden Do You Have? Soil Type, Aspect, Conditions.

What Do You Want From Your Garden?

Basic Gardening Terms