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Lawn Care Step by step guides

Renovating a worn out lawn

Lawn Care

If the overall grass cover of your lawn is thin or there are noticeable bare patches around the lawn then over-seeding is called for.

Step 1: Rake the Area. Use a rake to loosen the soil surface and remove any obvious weeds or stones. A sprinkling of Arthur Bowers Lawn Dressing worked into your existing surface will help to provide a fine seed bed.

Step 2: Sow the Seed. Choose one of the evergreen grass seed mixtures and apply evenly over the lawn. Rake into the soil surface so that the seed is covered.

Step 3: Keep The Lawn Well Watered. Water the area every few days if the weather is dry.

Step 4: Repair Bare Patches. Well worn areas, goal mouths and race tracks need to be re-seeded. You will get hard- wearing results from Evergreen grass seed, follow the directions on the packaging for best results. Don't forget to persuade children to move play areas around the garden next summer.

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