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Plants For A Dry Shady Spot

The plants below are our recommended varieties for a dry, shady spot in your garden. All the plants in this list are covered by our 3 year hardy plant guarantee

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Euonymus Emerald & Gold

Euonymus Emerald & Gold

An outstanding shrub, bright green leaves with a golden margin, tinted pink in winter.

Evergreen, good for ground cover and will do well in sun or shady conditions, likes moist soil types.

Height: 60cm, Spread: 90cm

Skimmia japonica

Skimmia japonica Rubella

A male evergreen shrub with shiny dark green leaves, marginated red. Fragrant white flowers open from dark red buds in spring.

Grows well in shaded conditions, in a neutral to acid soil type.

Height: 1m Spread: 1m

Sambucus Black Lace

Sambucus nigra Black Lace

Deeply cut lacy leaves that are a dark purple colour. Attractive pink flowers in May followed by black, edible berries in late summer.

Plant in light shade and suits most soil types.

Height: 3m Spread 2.5m

Ajuga Catlins Giant

Ajuga Catlins Giant

This hardy perennial plant, with its large glossy bronze leaves and blue flowers, produces flower spikes from May onwards. Also good for ground cover.

A very shade tolerant plant but copes easily with sun as well as poor soil.

Height: 45cm Spread 60cm

Berberis varieties

Berberis varieties

Berberis can be deciduous, semi evergreen or evergreen spiny shrubs. Foliage comes in colours ranging from bright yellow to reds and greens.

Most varieties will tolerate light shade, although flowering varieties will need some sun.