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Growing Vegetables From Seed  

Once you have prepared your soil you're ready to sow your seeds. Choose your favourite vegetables from our extensive seed range. Not all vegetables can be sown straight into the ground so check out the packaging for more details before you plant. See our vegetable planner for a guide to when to plant your seeds.

When you start planting always follow the instructions on the label, making sure you get the right planting depth and spacing in between.

Mark our lines on your plot using a piece of string or garden line. Make a small trench along the line using a trowel, approximately 1-2cm deep. Using the correct spacing recommended on the packet, scatter the seeds thinly along the trench, then cover the seeds over and gently pat down, labeling your crops as you go.

Look for seedlings to appear in a week or two. From then on, water the soil if it starts to dry out. Thin out the weaker seedlings to leave plants spaced accordingly to the packet instructions.

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