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Seed Potatoes - Grow Your Own Sunday Roasts

Ever thought of growing your own seed potatoes in your garden? By choosing your favourite varieties and following a few simple instructions, you can.

Seed Potatoes are grouped according to the season of harvest: earlies, second earlies and main crop. 

How do I do it? Start into early growth indoors by leaving the tubers in a light, airy place.  Plant out with care when danger of frost has passed into well-cultivated soil.

Which tubers do I use? Look at the information on the packet, or see our chart below, and choose the varieties that meet your needs i.e. baking, chipping, roasting.

Expert’s Tip “Earth up” into a ridge as they grow bringing soil up around the first stems.  This helps control weeds and prevents sunlight turning the top potatoes green,  which makes them inedible.

Harvesting. Harvest your First Earlies from June-July, Second Earlies from July-Sept and your Maincrop Sept-Oct.

Seed Potatoes





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First Earlies Salad Boil Bake Roast Chip Mash
Arran Pilot - An old favourite, good for boiling.    
Casablanca - Multipurpose variety.  
Foremost - Tasty flavoured early variety.    
Home Guard - Good flavour, floury texture.      
Maris Bard - Produces a high yield, drought resistant.
Pentland Javelin - Suitable for all soils.    
Red Duke of York - Tasty old fashioned favourite.      
Rocket - A high yield with good flavour. Fast growing.  
Sharpes Express - An all rounder, distinctive flavour.
Second Earlies Salad Boil Bake Roast Chip Mash
Apache - Albert Bartlett variety          
Carlingford - Very reliable, good early harvest    
Charlotte - Firm texture, excellent in salads.      
Kestrel - High yield, slug resistant.
Maris Peer - Firm texture, good for boiling.    
Nicola - A buttery flavour, good for salads.  
Saxon - A creamy flavour with high yields            
Main Crop Salad Boil Bake Roast Chip Mash
Arran Victory - Organic variety    
Blue Danube - A good roast potato    
Cabaret - Flavoursome frying potato      
Cara - High quality, good for wedges.    
Desiree - The most popular red variety.  
International Kidney - A buttery Flavour        
Jelly - High yield with excellent taste        
King Edward - Most popular variety, good flavour.    
Maris Peer - Firm texture, good for boiling    
Maris Piper - The chip shop potato    
Pink Fir Apple - Unusual nutty flavour      
Mozart - New variety with yellow felsh      
Purple Majesty - Albert Bartlett variety        
Rooster - Albert Bartlett variety    
Safari - A good baker.      
Sarpo Mira - Good General all purpose potato            
Vale's Sovereign - Baking potato with top taste