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Probably the most common problems of our plants, fruit and vegetables being eaten, stems from slugs and snails.

Protect your plants from attack by using Slug and Snail pellets, liquid, traps and other preventions. See our stocking range below.

Slug Clear Liquid

Slugclear liquid

soaks into the soil - killing slugs living below the surface before they have a change to damage precious plants. For use when warm damp conditions favour slug activity.


Slug & Snail Killer

Slug & Snail Killer

Unique scatter cap, makes it easier to apply accurately; simply turn cap and sprinkle. Ready to use blue mini-pellets contains a repellent and Bitrex to reduce attractiveness to children and pets. Fast and effective results.

Available in 400g & 1kg

Slug Killer Advanced

Advanced Slug Killer

Ferramol is the only molluscicide certified for organic use in the UK. Due to the mode of action it can be trusted for use around children, pets and wildlife. Remains effective after exposure to rain, watering and sunlight.

250g & 750g

Slug & Snail Trap

Slug & Snail Trap

Exclusively designed top of the range trap. When used in conjunction with beer or yeast tablets it allows for chemical free control of molluscs. Will provide season long control.

Slug Clear Ultra

Slug Clear Ultra

Highly efficient bait that protects edible and decorative plants from slugs and snails in the garden or greenhouse. New technology means the pellets are rainproof for 14 days.


Slug Tape

Vitax Slug Tape

Adhesive copper tape barrier Emits a tiny electrical charge when touched by slugs or snails causing them to turn away Excellent for use on pots, planters and greenhouse staging