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Everything you need to water your garden from hose reels to hose pipes, spray guns to sprinklers.

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Metal Hose Connector

New This Year
Hozelock Pro Metal Connector 12.5mm (1/2")

Zinc die cast sleeve ensures that the Hozelock connector is strong, durable and scratch resistant. Suitable for use with all 12.5mm / 1/2" and 15mm / 5/8ths" hose.

Metal AquaStop Connector

New This Year
Hoselock Metal Aquastop Connector

Metal Aqua Stop is strong, durable and scratch resistant. The large bump ring protects greenhouses and cars from damage. The Aqua Stop connector incorporates an internal valve that stops the water flow when an accessory (eg a spraygun) is disconnected.

Metal Threaded Tap Connector

New This Year
Hozelock Metal Threaded Tap Connector

3/4" BSP Pro Metal Tap connector is suitable for use with 95% of all outdoor taps. Includes a 1/2" adaptor for older taps. Produced from Nickel Plated Brass ensures that the Pro Metal tap connector is: Strong, Durable, Scratch Resistant, Frost damage free.

Metal Hose Repair Connector

New This Year
Hozelock Pro Metal Hose Repair Connector.

For repairing damaged hose, or permanently connecting two lengths of hose together. The Pro Metal Hose Repair Connector is made from Nickel Plated Brass which ensures a strong and durable connection

Metal Double Male Connector

New This Year
Hozelock Pro Metal Double Male Connector.

Premium Pro Metal Double-ended male connector allowing two lengths of hose equipped with female connectors to be joined. Made from Nickel Plated Brass which ensures a strong and durable connection.

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Outdoor Tap Connector

1" BSP tap connector suitable for use with garden irrigation pumps or taps typically found on farms, in factories or in horticulture. The connector securely attaches to the outdoor tap, and converts it to the Hozelock quick connect system.

Hose End Connector

Hose End Connector

Used at both ends of the hose to provide a starting point for the hosing system

4 Way connector

Hozelock 4 Way Tap Connector

Allows the water supply to be divided up into four outlets including up to two with electronic timers. This is especially useful where you want to install a watering system but also want to use the exterior tap for other uses or would like to run multiple watering systems off one tap.

Dual Tap Connector

Hozelock Dual Tap Connector

Allows two hoses to be connected to the same tap. One or both can be selected or the water can be turned off.

Flat Hose Adaptor

Hozelock Flat Hose Adaptor

Threaded adaptor with female connector and 3/4" BSP male thread.

Treaded Tap Connector

Hozelock 3/4 inch BSP female thread tap connector

For garden and garage taps with a male threaded outlet, the fitting screws to the tap to provide a quick coupling. Complete with adapter for taps with 1/2 inch BSL (12.5mm).

Round Tap Connector

Hozelock Round Tap Connector

For standard round or oval spout taps, maximum diameter 18mm. The fitting is sealed to the tap by tightening the clip.

Non Return Valve

Hozelock Non-Return Valve

All plastic double check valve used on outside taps to prevent back flow siphonage of contaminated water into the mains supply.

Hose End Waterstop Connector

Hozelock Hose End Waterstop Connector

Integral valve automatically shuts off the hose supply when the fitting is uncoupled so there is no need to return to the tap.

Multi Tap Connector

Hozelock Multi Tap Connector

Designed to fit a wide variety of square, round and mixer taps up to 43mm high by 34mm wide.

Accessory Adaptor

Hozelock Accessory Adaptor

Hozelock Accessory Adaptor - Threaded adaptor with male connector. Converts female threaded accessories to male end. This part is especially useful for connecting an automatic watering system pressure regulator to a standard Hozelock hose end connector.

Douible Male Connector

Hozelock Double Male Connector


Y Connector

Hozelock Y Connector

Three-way connector designed to branch a hose in two directions.

Hose Connect Set

Hozelock Hose Connection Set

The Hozelock connection set connects a hose system to an outside tap, complete with 1.5m hose, 2x 2166 hose end connectors and 2175 tap connector.