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A herbaceous perennial can live in your borders for years, the leaves and stems dying back each Winter, with new shoots re-appearing every Spring.

We have over 250 varieties of 2 litre pot sized perennials in our collection, all grown on our very own nurseries.



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Helenium aut Helena Gold

Clump forming perennial bearing a late summer display of bright yellow flowers on tall stems. Excellent for herbaceous or mixed borders. Height: 110cm Spread: 45cm. Full sun, well drained soil.


Helenium aut Helena Red Shades

Brightly coloured, daisy-shaped flowers are borne in abundance on tall stems in late summer. Best in well-drained soil. Height: 110cm Spread: 45cm

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Helenium Loysder Wieck

A clump forming perennial With lance shaped green leaves. Very unusual shaped orange/reddish flowers from summer to autumn. Best grown in full sun in well-drained soil. Ht:90cm Sp:40cm.

Helenium Moorheim Beauty

Helenium Moorheim Beauty

An upright late-flowering perennial producing copper-red flowers with dark brown centres from early to late summer. Height: 1m Spread: 60cm. Growth Rate/Habit: Normal/Upright.

Helenium Rubizwerg

Helenium Rubinzwerg

A compact clump forming perennial with yellow and bronze flower centers surrounded by burned red petals from july-sept. Best grown in full sun in well drained soil. Ht:75cm-Sp:40cm.

Helenium Early Flowerer

Helenium Sahins Early Flowerer

Daisy like flowers open golden yellow become streaked with red, finally maturing to brownish orange. Perennial with an upright habit. Height: 35-40cm Spread: 40cm.


Heliopsis Summer Sun

Outstanding, large golden yellow double flowers on sturdy stems. Flowering early to late summer. Height: 100cm Spread: 45cm

Helleborus Niger

Helleborus Niger

An evergreen perennial producing leathery dark green, divided leaves. Saucer- shaped white flowers ageing to pinkish white. Height: 30cm Spread: 30cm. Growth Rate/Habit: Normal/Upright

Helleborus Orientalis

Helleorus Orientalis

An evergreen perennial producing leathery dark green, divided leaves. Large saucer-shaped white or greenish cream flowers. Height: 45cm Spread: 45cm. Growth Rate/Habit: Normal/Upright.

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Helleborus ori. Clares Purple

Evergreen perennial with dark leathery leaves. Beautiful pendant purple double flowers from Feb to April. Height: 75cm Spread: 50cm. Growth Rate/Habit: / Aspect: Shade Soil: Any

Helleborus Orientalis Purple

Helleborus ori. Purple

Clump-forming perennial, flowering in late winter. Dark green divided leaves. Saucer-shaped flowers. Height: 50cm Spread: 50cm. Growth Rate/Habit: / Aspect: Semi-shade Soil:

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Helleborus or. Red Spotted

Clump forming evergreen perennial with leathery leaves. Lovely pendant red flowers with dark red spotted petals. Grows best in full or part shade. Ht:35cm-Sp:35cm.

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Helleborus ori. White Spotted


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Hemerocallis Catherine Woodbury

A clump-forming perennial with handsome, sword-shaped arching leaves. Unusual, slightly fragrant, light lavender flowers with a wide green throat from mid to late summer. Height: 70cm

Hemerocallis Chicogo Apache

Hemerocallis Chicago Apache

Intense scalet red flowers with ruffled edges. Daylillies do best in the mixed perennial border. Also good for mass plantings and for container growing. Height: 75cm Spread: 75cm.

Hemerocallis Chicago Blackout

Hemerocallis Chicago Blackout

Clump forming perennial of arching sword-like foliage that has intense dark blackberry flowers with a red overtones. Good in mixed perennial border & containers. Height: 75cm Spread:

Hemerocallis Chicago Sunrise

Hemerocallis Chicago Sunrise

A clump-forming perennial with handsome, narrow arching leaves. Rounded, slightly ruffled, flowers of deep orange with a darker throat in mid- summer. Height: 70cm Spread: 60cm.

Hemerocallis Childrens Festival

Hemerocallis Children's Festival

A clump-forming perennial with handsome, narrow arching leaves. Pretty ruffled soft peach flowers blushed rose with a apricot throat from early to mid-summer. Height: 60cm Spread: 50cm.

Hemerocallis Happy Returns

Hemerocallis Happy Returns

Clump forming perennial with canary yellow fragrant flowers Excellent in mixed borders or in containers. Flowers june onwards. Height 30-40cm.

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Hemerocallis Hyperion

A clump-forming perennial with handsome, sword-shaped, arching leaves. Large primrose yellow, very fragrant flowers in mid to late summer. Height: 90cm Spread: 90cm.

Hemerocallis Pandoras Box

Hemerocallis Pandora's Box

Pale cream flowers with bright purple eyes and green throats in mid-summuer. Free flowering vigrous, compact evergreen perennial. Height: 50cm Spread: 60cm.

Hemerocallis Pardon Me

Hemerocallis Pardon Me

Cranberry red flowers with green throats july to october. Free flowering compact, evergreen perennial. Narrow leaves. Height: 45cm Spread: 45cm. Growth Rate/Habit: / Aspect: full sun.