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Growing your own vegetables from seed is very cost effective. Choose from a great selection of varieties, and get great satisfaction in growing your vegetables from seed, and onto your plate. At Thompsons we've got a huge range of vegetable seeds to suit every gardener.


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Aubergine Black Beauty (Egg Plant)

Large purple fruits, a favourite in Mediterranean cooking. Best grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Good source of dietary fibre.

  Bean Dwarf Dual

Bean (Dwarf) Dual

Extra fine tasty beans on compact plants held above the foliage for easy harvesting. Perfect for planting in containers on the patio.

Beetroot Boltardy

Beetroot Boltardy

Ideal for early sowing with excellent bolt resistance. Evenly shape with good colour, texture and flavour.

  Beetroot Detroit

Beetroot Detroit 2 - Crimson Globe

One of the most popular standard varieties. Heavy yielding with very good taste.

Beetroot Kestrel

Beetroot Kestrel F1

Early maturing, smooth, dark red globe-shaped beetroot with a refined crown and taproot. It is high yielding with good disease and bolting tolerance and a sweet flavour.

  Beetroot Perfecta

Beetroot Perfecta 3

Globe shaped with great tasting, deep red flesh. Lift young as 'baby beets' or leave to mature.

Beetroot Renova

Beetroot Renova

Easier for the gardener and the cook! A high quality cylindrical beet with good flavour and texture and few internal rings. So easy for slicing.

  Beetroot Solist

Beetroot Solist

This uniform, deep red monogerm variety needs less thinning than most as it generally produces only a single seedling per seed.

Broad Bean Aquadulce

Broad Bean Aquadulce

Extremely hardy, producing a very early crop of fine, long pods each containing 8-9 tasty beans.

  Broad Bean Bunyards

Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition

Popular and versatile, for autumn and spring sowing, 6-8 white seeds per pod for large crops. Full of flavour.

Broad Bean Masterpiece

Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod

A reliable and ever popular high yielding variety. Pods contain six or seven large juicy beans which are good for freezing.

  Broad Bean The Sutton

Broad Bean The Sutton

Abundant crops on dwarf plants, ideal for successional sowings. Hardy, stocky plant, suitable for more exposed locations and small gardens.

Broccoli Beaumont

Broccoli Beaumont F1

Uniform well-rounded, quality heads of tight beads. This variety is vigorous and early cropping, producing well flavoured heads over a long season.

  Broccoli Earlt Purple Sprouting

Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting

Extremely hardy, this well-proven variety provides a succession of delicious tender shoots.

Broccoli Lancer

Broccoli Lancer Mixed

The perfect choice for a longer harvest season, these hardy plants mature
successionally and provide several pickings of great tasting and highly nutritious, succulent spears.

  Brocolli Summer Purple

Broccoli Summer Purple

A versatile variety for summer/autumn production, producing a reliable harvest of tender, fine-flavoured purple shoots over a long period. For summer/autumn. Tender & Tasty.

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