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Spring Bulbs Now In - August 2014

Our Spring flowering bulb range is now in for the season. Our extensive collection includes many of your favourite varieties plus some interesting alternatives. Browse Bulbs Here.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Chilli Weekend - 18th July 2014

This weekend we’ve got some specially grown Chilli plants for sale. With 6 varieties to choose from, these fully grown plants are great value for money at £6.99 each. If you like your Chilli’s hot then come and have a look.

Summer Colour

Jumbo Bedding - July 2014

Our Jumbo Bedding plants are grown as mature varieties, ideal for filling the odd whole or replacing a tired area in your garden. Varieties like Geraniums, Coleus, Rudbeckia, Zinnia, Begonia, Antirrhinum, Nemesia, Marguerites and SunPatiens provide instant gardening


Waterwise Gardening - July 2014

Gardening in this heat is a little more challenging, it’s a good job we get the odd downpour to soak our gardens.

Your hanging baskets, pots and planted tubs are going to dry out quickly, so make sure you give them a good water on a daily basis. Follow our top water wise tips here.

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