Thompsons 3 Year Plant Guarantee

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Plants To Attract Wildlife

Plants that produce berries and fruit have an important place in the garden. Birds, mammals and beneficial insets use them as a food source. All the plants in this list are covered by our 3 year hardy plant guarantee.

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Buddleja Varieties

Commonly known as the butterfly bush this shrub does exactly what its name suggests. If unchecked it will grow quite big.

Likes a sunny spot in the garden, in most soil types.

Height: 2 - 2.5m Spread: 2 - 3m



One of our most popular plants, with so many varieties to choose from. Dense, evergreen bushes of compact or bottle brush like flower spikes. Great for attracting bees into your garden.

Grows best in sun and will do well in most soil types.



Masses of small white flowers in early summer. An abundance or red/orange berries in autumn that the birds in your garden will love. A dense, compact shrub.

Easy to grow in most soil types.


Penstemon Varieties

Long lasting tubular flowers that attract butterlies. Elegant, narrow foliage. Delightful perennial for those summer borders.

Likes full sun in a well drained soil.

Berberis darwinii

Berberis varieties

Produces brightly coloured berries in autumn that provide a great source of food for birds. Brightly coloured foliage in reds, greens and yellow. Brilliant Autumn colour.

Thrives in sun or shade in any soil.