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This collection of plants will provide ground cover for your garden. Ground cover plants can be used under larger shrubs or trees as well as at the front of your borders. We've picked out a few of the more popular varieties, there are many more displayed in the garden centres. All of these plants are locally grown by us.

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Ajuga Black Scallops

Ajuga Black Scallop

Very large, rounded scallop edged glossy, deep purple-black leaves. Heads of deep blue flowers compliment the foliage in Spring. Height: 20cm Spread: 20cm. Excellent ground cover in sun/shade.

Cotoneaster Coral Beauty

Cotoneaster Coral Beauty

A spreading shrub with branches forming a herringbone pattern. Glossy, dark green leaves, turn red in autumn. Pink-tinged white flowers are followed by bright red round fruit. Height: 2.5m


Euonymus for. Emerald n Gold

An outstanding shrub, bright green leaves with a broad golden margin, tinted pink in winter. Height: 60cm Spread: 80cm Growth Rate/Habit: Slow/Upright spreading Aspect: Full Sun.


Euonymus for. Emerald Gaiety

Forms a compact and bushy shrub, bright green leaves with white margins tinged pink in winter. Height: 60cm Spread: 80cm Growth Rate/Habit: Slow/Upright spreading Aspect: Full Sun.


Gaultheria procumbens

A North American creeping evergreen, forming carpets of dark green leaves amongst which, in autumn and winter, the bright red fruits are freely intermixed. Height: 20cm Spread: 60cm

Geranium Johnsons Blue Geranium Johnsons Blue

A very popular plant maing dense mats of deeply divided leaves and deep lavender-blue flowers, fluches red-pink. Height: 30cm, Spread: 60cm.
Geranium Lawrence Flatman Geranium Laurence Flatman

A dwarf rosette forming evergreen perennial. Grey-Green leaves with purplish red tinged flowers. Grows to a height of 15cm, spread: 30cm. Ideal for full sun or part shade, great in rockeries, containers or borders.
Geranium Rozanne Geranium Rozanne

A mound forming perennial, with deeply cut, marbled green leaves. Deep violet coloured flowers with whte centres from May to September. Height: 60cm Spread 50cm.
Geranium Max Frie Geranium Sanguiueum Max Frei

A lovely, mat forming perennial with heavily dissected green leaves. Large, dark pink flowers are borne throughout the Summer. Height: 20cm, Spread: 40cm
Geranium Splish Splash Geranium Splish Splash

A clump-forming perennial with serrated leaves and tall stems. Bears flowers of white flecked and spotted with lavender blue, in varying intensities in Summer. Height: 60cm, Spread: 60cm
Houttuynia Chameleon

Houttuynia cordata Chameleon

A rapidly spreading perennial with yellow, red and green variegated leaves with white flowers. Height: 10cm Spread: Indefinite. Growth Rate/Habit: Vigorous/Spreading Aspect: Full Sun/Partial shade.


Leucothoe fon. Scarletta

A shade bearing shrub with glossy, red young foliage, turning dark green, then red-purple in autumn. Height: 1m Spread: 60cm - 90cmGrowth Rate/Habit: Slow/Bushy Aspect: Shaded Site.


Pachysandra terminalis

A spreading evergreen perennial with toothed, dark green leaves, tiny clusters of white flowers. Height: 20cm Spread: Indefinite Growth Rate/Habit: Normal/Spreading Aspect: Shaded Site.

Pulmonaria Blue Ensign

Pulmonaria Blue Ensign

Clump forming hardy perennial with dark green leaves and pretty violet blue flowers from march to may. Plant in moist soil in light to full shade. Height: 35cm - Spread: 45cm.

Vinca Gertrude Jekyll Vinca Gertrude Jekyll

An evergreen shrub with trailing shoots and dark green leaves. Bears a profusion of white flowers in Spring to Autumn. Height: 20cm
Vinca Bowles Blue Vinca Minor Bowles Blue

A mat-forming evergreen shrub with trailing stems of dark green leaves. Lavender-blue flowers produced from mid-Spring to Autumn. Height: 20cm
Vinca Ralph Schulgart Vinca Ralph Schulgart

An evergreen, fast spreading groung covering plant with variegated foliage. Dark blue single flowers from Spring to Autumn. Thrives in either sun or shade. Height: 20cm