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This collection of plants will perform well in shaded areas of your garden. We've picked out a few of the more popular varieties, there are many more displayed in the garden centres. All of these plants are locally grown by us.

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Astilbe Vision In Pink

Astilbe Visions In Pink

A clump forming perennial with broad green hairy textured foliage,which bares pink flowers on upright strong stems. Flowers jul-aug.Ideal plant for shady borders. HT:45-60cm.


Aucuba japonica Crotonifolia

Leaves large, boldly spotted and blotched with gold. The best golden-variegated Aucuba. Male. AGM 1993. Height: 2m Spread: 2m Growth.


Aucuba japonica Variegata

Evergreen, shade loving shrub. Leaves speckled yellow. Female berrying clone. Thrives in any soil or situation. Height: 2m Spread: 2m Shade or sun.


Digitalis Camelot Rose

Magnificent plumes of rose trumpets with speckled throats reach as tall as 4ft. Flowers early Summer to Autumn. Plant in full sun. Ht and Sp: 120cms x 60cms. Caution, toxic if eaten.


Digitalis pur.Suttons Apricot

This variety of the well-known Foxglove bears tall spires of beautiful apricot flowers in early summer Height: 120cm Spread: 60cm. Growth Rate/Habit: Medium/Upright Aspect: Partial shade

Fatsia japonica Fatsia japonica

Hydrangea mac. Ami Pasquier

A rounded shrub with glossy, dark green leaves and mop head flowers of dark crimson to purple-blue from mid to late summer. Height: 1.5m Spread: 2m Growth Rate/Habit: Slow/Rounded Aspect: Full sun


Kerria japonica Pleniflora

A suckering shrub with bright green leaves and large, pompon-like, double, golden yellow flowers in spring. Height: 1.8m Spread: 1.4m Vigorous, arching growth, plant in sun/partial shade.

Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford

Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford

Perennial. Glossy chocolate-maroon foliage and broad clusters of large orange-yellow flowers Aug-Sept. Moist fertile soil in partial shade, very effective alongside water. Height: 1m


Pieris Forest Flame

An upright, evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves, red when young, turning pink, white and finally green. Clusters of pendent white flowers in spring. Height: 2m Spread: 1.6m


Pieris Little Heath

A neat, rounded evergreen shrub with glossy, variegated green leaves, pink- flushed with white margins. Flowers best in a light position. Height: 60cm Spread: 60cm


Rudbeckia sul. 'Goldsturm'

Attractive, large yellow daisy-like flowers with black centres are produced from summer until autumn by this easy to grow leafy perennial. Best in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Height 60cm (24in). Spread 45cm (18in).

Salix Nishiki Salix Hakura Nishiki

A fast growing shrub. Slender catkins appear before the bright green blotched white leaves. Prune to keep in shape, grows well in most soils.

Sambucus rac. Sutherland Gold

A bushy shrub with finely cut leaves, bronze when young, turning golden yellow. Yellow flowers in spring, followed by glossy red fruit. Resistant to scorching in bright sunlight. Height: 2m Spread: 2m


Skimmia japonica Rubella

A male evergreen shrub with shiny dark green leaves, margined red. Fragrant white flowers open from dark red buds in spring followed by red fruit. Height: 1m Spread: 1m


Viburnum tinus Eve Price

A compact shrub with dark green leaves. Clusters of white flowers open from carmine-pink buds, from late winter to spring, followed by dark blue-black fruit. Height: 1m Spread: 1m