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Winter Interest


This collection of plants will provide your garden with Winte interest. We've picked out a few of the more popular varieties, there are many more displayed in the garden centres. All of these plants are locally grown by us.

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Cornus Alba Sibirica

A vigorous shrub with bright red winter shoots. Green leaves which turn bright red in autumn white flowers followed by white berries. Does well in both wet or dry soils. Height: 2.5m


Cornus Midwinter Fire

Deciduous Shrub. Orange-Yellow branches, turn red in winter. Height: 3m Spread: 1m Growth Rate/Habit: Vigorous/upright Aspect: sun or partial shade.


Daphne odora Aureomarginata

Rounded evergreen shrub. Narrowly oval, leathery, glossy deep green leaves with irregular yellow margins, Red-purple flowers sometimes white within from mid-winter to early spring. Height: 1m


Drimys lanceolata

Dense, upright shrub with deep red stems and leathery, glossy, dark green leaves. Clusters of white flowers. Height: 4m Spread: 2.5mGrowth Rate/Habit: Normal/Upright Aspect: Full sun.


Euonymus fortunei Silver Queen

Forms an upright shrub, dark green leaves with white margins later tinted pink. If supported will climb. Height: 1.6m Spread: 1.2m Growth Rate/Habit: Normal/Upright Aspect: Full Sun


Euonymus jap. Duc d'Anjou

A large evergreen shrub with an open habit, leaves dark green on the outside with a central splash of pale yellow or yellowish green. Height: 2m Spread: 1m Growth Rate/Habit: Normal/Rounded.

Helleborus Niger

Helleborus Niger

An evergreen perennial producing leathery dark green, divided leaves. Saucer- shaped white flowers ageing to pinkish white. Height: 30cm Spread: 30cm. Growth Rate/Habit: Normal/Upright

Helleborus Orientalis

Helleorus Orientalis

An evergreen perennial producing leathery dark green, divided leaves. Large saucer-shaped white or greenish cream flowers. Height: 45cm Spread: 45cm. Growth Rate/Habit: Normal/Upright.

Ilex Madame Briot

Ilex aqui. Madame Briot (Female)

An evergreen shrub with purplish stems dark green leaves with spiny, bright gold margins and scarlet berries. Female. Height: 6m Spread: 4m An upright spreading shrub, plant in full sun.


Ilex x a. Golden King (Female)

An erect evergreen shrub with grey-green mottled leaves with broad bright gold margins, produces bright red fruit. Female. Height: 4m Spread: 3mGrowth Rate/Habit: Normal/Upright Aspect: Full

Nandina Firepower

Nandina domestica Firepower

A compact, dwarf evergreen shrub with elegant red leaves and pretty white flowers with large yellow anthers in mid-summer followed by bright red/orange fruit. Height: 1.5m Spread: 80cm


Viburnum x bodnantense Dawn

An upright shrub with dark green leaves, bronze when young. Fragrant, tubular rose tinted dark pink flowers, on bare stems from late autumn to spring. Height: 2m Spread: 1.2m